The Hermann Maas Foundation

The name of this Foundation is "The Hermann Maas Foundation". It is a legally-valid foundation in accordance with the civil law of Germany, with its registered office in Heidelberg.

The Hermann Maas Foundation was established in remembrance of the courageous example set by one of the few persons who was prepared to stand by his faith and his fellow man during the period between 1933 and 1945. The Foundation strives to achieve understanding between Christians and Jews, and indeed between all religions, in a manner consistent with the endeavours of Prelate Hermann Maas. Our activities include providing support for studies and education and the publication of books and writings dealing with the furtherance of understanding between the German and Jewish peoples.
Founder and Chairman of the Governing Body,
W.E. Norton, London, 20.09.2001

If you wish to make a donation to our Foundation which would be greatly appreciated please do so at:

Deutsche Bank AG
D-69115 Heidelberg (BLZ 672 70024)
Beneficiary: Hermann Maas Siftung
Account: 0140079
IBAN: DE25672700240014007900

Objective of the Foundation

The objective of the Foundation is continue the work of Hermann Maas by means of the cultivation and promotion of collaboration between Christians and Jews on a broad international basis. Among other things, one German theology student has received a grant to enable him to study at a university in Israel. The intention is to keep the memory of Hermann Maas, and of his life's work, alive in an appropriate manner; and also to follow the example set by Hermann Maas, by providing support to enable persons who have been persecuted and are in need to receive assistance and vocational training and education. Therefore the Foundation is exclusively and directly pursuing objectives that are of benefit to the public in accordance with §52 of the portion of the Abgabenordnung (German Tax Code) that defines tax-deductible objectives.

Contact address:
F.A.O. Frau Dr. Schwöbel-Hug , Vorsitzende des Vorstands
Heiliggeiststrasse. 17
69117 Heidelberg
Telephone: ++49 (0)6221 980340
Fax: ++49 (0)6221 980349
E-mail: dekanat[dot]heidelberg[at]kbz[dot]ekiba[dot]de